Dexron IV Replaces Dexron III

Dexron IV Replaces Dexron III

Bulletin #: 0337
Manufacturer: GM
Vehicle: All
Trans ID: All
Trans Type: All

April 2005, GM introduced a new transmission fluid, designed
especially to meet the requirements of their new, 6-speed transmis-

Dexron IV meets or exceeds all of the requirements previously set
for Dexron III. Here’s how it compares with Dexron III:

Fluid Change Interval
100,000 miles normal driving
50,000 miles severe driving
Clutch Friction Stability
Improved 100%
Clutch Durability
Improved 120%
Oil Film
Increased 20%
Fluid Oxidation
Reduced 100%
Shear Stability
Improved 200%
Reduced 150%

GM recommends using Dexron IV in all transmissions calling for
Dexron fills.