OBD2 Codes P01416, P0302, P0306 Dodge Hemi 5.7

OBD2 Code P01416- Cylinder 6 Reactivation Control Performance

Generically is assumed to be related to the failure of the number 6 Cylinder MDS Solenoid on the Dodge 5.7 Hemi. But mechanical failure of a Lifter can also cause this code under conditions where Lifter fails to mechanically collapse when Solenoid attempts to deactivate or activate the cylinder.  OBD2 Code P0302 and  OBD2 Code P0306 also accompanies this code on this particular vehicle and extensive investigation brings to focus a few things.

#6 Roller lifter pitted (pitting is from bouncing off the Camshaft) and roller bearing very loose. A loose Roller lifter can create a misfire code no issue, So if you change the spark plugs and coil packs and you still have a misfire code check for exhaust header leaks and then start looking into the valve-train.


#6 push rod bent at 45 degree angle (MDS Solenoid failure? …….or Lifter Failure? A entire article could be written on this subject….)


#6 Cylinder misfire (P0306) Misfire related to Roller lifter failure

#2 Cylinder misfire  (P0302) Misfire may be related to #2 Roller lifter oil passage clogging,  a combination of worn Roller bearings and some passage clogging or incorrect clearances from wear of camshaft, valves and components, could even come from valve-train imbalance because of the already failed components.

•Misfires can also be caused by bad,contaminated or low quality fuels, Some customers have reported low octane fuels causing issues in a few cases.

Other Possible causes of P01416

•Bad ECM

•Blocked or clogged oil passages

•Low oil pressure

•MDS Solenoid is actually faulty creating a failure

•MDS harness shorted

•Solenoid wiring or connection faulty or shorted

Incorrect oil viscosity (5w-20 required period)

Don’t Dodge unless you duck, dive and dip

The Dodge Hemi has been known to eat a lifter every now and then and require a bit of work to repair the issue. There are various good theory’s on the subject ranging from lack of oil changes (clogged oil passages), low quality OEM parts and even MDS failure. And they seem to like to fail the most at or after 70000 mile or so.


A. Oil changes- Oil changes on the newer 5.7 should only be 5w-20 synthetic oil( whats its designed for), No additives at all! And regular oil changes with no skip a few thousand miles to save money. If you wait that nasty old oil helps clog up all the oil passages making a future failure more likely. Using a thicker oil will only hurt the situation and the ECM will detect a thicker oil and complain.

B. Modern fuels no longer contain lead or sulfur or any other buffer to help keep the valves lubricated, with the additional use of alcohol added to these modern fuels its just a formula for engine damage, Additives to lubricate the top end can be used to prevent and soften the valve slap, and to keep the injectors and any other mechanically driven fuel system part from premature failure. Some say it does nothing…. But hotrodders and mechanics swear by certain products. I have added Marvel Mystery to my car every other tank for 70000 miles, have never had a code or issue and no needed repairs other than a battery and some spark plugs. But this luck comes  mostly from proper maintenance not from 1 simple additive.

Various popular additives

BG 44k
Royal purple
Klotz Uplon
Marvel Mystery Oil (I have used this one in all my cars)
Seafoam (another popular choice)

Other old school tricks like Adding 2 stroke oil or transmission fluid are discouraged on anything with Catalytic converters, it wont help anything except screwing up the emissions system. Some have had no issues and swear by it….. but you never know. I haven’t done any research on the subject or tested the theory but I steer away from random fixes and additives.

Cooling system-

Keeping the cooling system operating properly is also a priority for engine health, one overheat can damage a modern engine severely so proper recommended cooling system flushes and timely repairs will help to keep any engine up to par for much longer than a engine that is ignored.

MDS Solenoids have been said to be a major cause of premature Lifter failure and bent push-rods, Failed Solenoids On the MDS equipped Hemi engines are a common failure, sometimes resulting in just the replacement of a $50 solenoid and other times a camshaft replacement after a lifter failure or various other valve-train damage. “experts” say its not the solenoids causing the problem but I haven’t seen this happen as often on non MDS Hemi’s as frequently as the MDS equipped Engines, I Listen to the data not the magazine mechanics.

                       2010 Dodge Ram 1500 5.7L Hemi

Here’s the parts list for the Fix

This was for this particular model and is an example, your vehicle may need different  stuff so don’t take this as the final word!

2 gallons antifreeze (14.99 Part #:87219)

5w-20 syn oil (Mobile 1 $37.99) (1-5-20-5QT) (Use good stuff)

lifters (115.99 a set)  All of them would be smart, or you will fight the same issue again soon.

Part #:JBK7522 Valve Lifter  Front; Multi-Displacement System (MDS); Hydraulic Roller

Part #:JBK7523 Valve Lifter  Rear; Multi-Displacement System (MDS); Hydraulic Roller

head gaskets  (31.99 or so)

Part #:26426PT  Head Gasket  Right; Head Bolts Not Included; Head Bolt Replacement Recommended; PermaTorqueMLS(R)

Part #:26423PT  Head Gasket  Left; Head Bolts Not Included; Head Bolt Replacement Recommended; PermaTorqueMLS(R)

head bolts (41.99) Part #:ES72200 (you have to replace them, non reusable)

thermostat (for a leak, But since you already there) Part #:41603 $18.99

push-rods (4 or 5 bucks a piece at Dodge dealer) all are suggested

MDS Solenoids #6 and #2 (98.00 for both at Dodge dealer about $200 for all 4) all are suggested

Part #:MS97083 exhaust gasket (41.99) Locally available

 Alternative is the Mr. Gasket set, (Good for Aftermarket headers) Part #:7594 $29.99


Camshaft additional parts

SEALED POWER CS1674 Camshaft $305.79

CLOYES 90750S $101.79 Includes: Crankshaft Sprocket, Timing Chain, Chain Tensioner, Chain Guide.
Front; Kit Does Not Contain Variable Valve Timing (VVT) Sprocket.

Also requires gaskets, and any other components such as water pump etc etc that are damaged or not reusable, may need other parts if more damage is found internally.

 Water Pump Part #:CP6341 ($87.99)

 Valve cover gasket set Part #:VS50625R (30.99)

 Intake manifold gasket set Part #:MS97089 ($12.99)

(This is not a How-To! its just an example and various information I have collected, so please find the appropriate guides and documentation for your vehicle.)