5 Reasons Not to Add a Turbo kit to your Daily Driver V1.1



This articles function is NOT TO DISSUADE YOU from modifying your vehicle in any way shape or form. This is because you have probably already made your mind up as to weather or not it makes sense to do so.  It is merely highlighting some of the challenges and issues that go along with introducing forced induction to your daily drive.

1. Reliability
By adding a turbo kit to NFIE (non forced induction engine) you are introducing a level of complexity that far exceeds the manufactures intended specifications.. Issues that can effect the reliability and serviceability of your car include


  • Higher maintenance costs

  • Heat Soak

  • ECM tuning difficulties

  • More Involved upkeep

  • Better fuel required hence higher fuel costs

  • Insert more issues here (there are plenty of them)


2. Unwanted attention
While on weekends it may be fun to scare the shit out of your passengers on long highway drives. During the week however, many people have very little tolerance for car related fun. Loud waste gates dumping compressed gas into the atmosphere and flames shooting out of your exhaust will definitely attract the attention of the police. It may also piss off your girlfriend who now prefers to take the bus rather than put up with your bullshit 3 point safety harness and having to prime fire extinguishers every time you take her to work


3. Increasing Government Restrictions

Governments all around the world are cracking down on CO2 emissions. They are under the delusion that carbon dioxide (which occurs in nature and is expelled naturally by virtually every living breathing creature) is the main cause for “climate change”. So you should be prepared to bend over to your elected representative overlord as they look to tackle this made up fantasy. If they cant find a way to ban you from modifying your vehicle they may look to taxation as appropriate way to restrict fun time car happy.


4. Cost

Its extremely costly process to complete. It will also in some circumstances make your vehicle extremely hard to sell later on down the road. So unless you literally have money to burn, avoiding this brand of fun will usually be a good choice.  Someone wrapping up 10….or 15 grand in a project is a common thing to see, and also a common thing to not be jealous of!


5. Its just not as cool as it used to be.

When Uber came out, people flocked to pay more for the convenience of a black car limousine service. Certainly as people look to ways to reduce the complexity in their lives and look to technology to save time the fun aspect of adding a turbo or two will no longer seem like an obvious or wise choice.

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