OBD2 Code P0010 Intake Camshaft Position Actuator Circuit / Open (Bank 1)

OBD2 Code P0010 is a common code in more modern engines, And is associated with the Variable Valve Timing / Variable Cam Timing ( Phaser’s ) on Bank 1 of the engine. The majority of the time it is a failed VVT/VCT Solenoid, Keep in mind that this code suggests an open circuit!

Causes for OBD2 Code P0010

  1. Failed or faulty oil control valve

  2. Loose wiring or shorted wiring from ECM to Solenoid

  3. Corroded connections or dirty pins

  4. ECM/PCM harness connection shorted

  5. ECM/PCM harness loose

  6. ECM/PCM harness corroded

  7. ECM/PCM Input failure

  8. Old contaminated oil causing failure

  9. Low oil level causing failure

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