How to change the Water Pump on a 2006 Dodge 1500 4.7 Liter

Changing the water pump on a Dodge 4.7 is pretty easy under normal circumstances, Should take around 3 hours and 8 beers.


3/8 ratchet, a few extensions, 10mm socket, 13mm Socket, 14mm socket, 15mm socket, 36mm wrench or pipe wrench, flat tip screwdriver, drain pan…. that’s a start


 Water Pump-  Part #:CP7163

 Fan clutch-  Part #:2748

 Thermostat-   Part #:42095

 (Do all 3 its cheap) a new belt won’t hurt either.

  1. Drain the radiator, The cooling system holds around 17 quarts so make sure to have a drain pan large enough. (Drain cock is on the drivers side bottom of radiator)

  2. Make sure to remove the Negative battery terminal to avoid any oopsies!

  3. Start by removing the air filter box and intake hose, take off the hose clamp from the throttle body and the air intake usually pops out pretty easy.

  4. Once The Air Intake assembly is removed take a 10mm wrench or socket and remove the bolts on the coolant reservoir. You can leave the wires connected and set it where the Intake was to get it out of the way.


5. Now remove the belt and the idler pulley, The Idler pulley is in the way of one of the water pump bolts.



6. Now get a 36mm Wrench or a pipe wrench (not suggested) and remove the fan clutch, It turns counter clockwise to remove because it is a reverse rotation pump, Fan turns counter clockwise during operation.


7. take off the bolts on the fan clutch and put a new fan clutch on


8. Make sure to put some thread locker on the bolts…. for a little insurance.


9. Water pump Bolts Torque to 40 or 43 Ft. Ibs,  depending on application, So look up your specific engine.


Now Put it back together!

10. Make sure to tighten the drain plug back up on the radiator before adding coolant, And Make sure to get all the air out of the system, the easy way to get the air pockets out after a water pump install is to remove the allen plug at the end of the top radiator hose and fill the block and then fill the radiator, works pretty well most of the time.