Chevy OBD1 codes

Here is a list of Chevy OBD1 codes, There were various other applications and some cars had different codes. But these usually get me on the right track. 12 No distributor reference pulse (diagnostic test active) 13 Oxygen sensor circuit open or no activity 14 Engine coolant temp sensor error (high temp indicated) 15 Engine […]

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P0446 Evaporative Emission Control System Vent Control Circuit Malfunction (notes)

P0446 – EVAP Vent Solenoid Valve Control System – The Evaporative Emission Control system stops fuel vapors from escaping from the fuel tank and fuel system. The EVAP system includes vent hoses and a canister containing charcoal for capturing, filtering and storing fuel vapors, and a valve for siphoning the fumes stored in this canister […]

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  It was a little chilly as I meandered around the boneyard, giving my best attempt towards avoiding various sharp objects and randomly left cow pies. We were lucky to have the opportunity to venture into the middle area of the yard, generally it is off limits because of various hazards and to not invite […]

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4L80E transmission replacement

4l80E (or 4L60E) replacement and preparation (2007 Chevy 1500 HD Classic 6.0L or similar) “THIS POST IS NOT COMPLETE, PICTURES AND REINSTALL WILL BE ADDED SOON” 1. Find proper 4L80E for your specific application. A Re-manufactured Transmission is suggested due to the extra TSB repairs and modifications completed by Reman facilities, Generally Rebuilt transmissions have […]

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